Listoke Distillery


Website, Event Management, Ticket Selling & Stock Management


On Listoke Distillery I worked on both their Event Management and Ticket Selling System, Stock Tracking System and their website.

Event Management System
On the event management system, I worked on upgrades to the existing system & new features. Upgrades included reducing the amount of repeated code by moving it into functions and the use of PHP includes.
New features I built included a taxi system that allowed customers to book a taxi to bring them to the Gin School while purchasing their tickets. On the admin system, they could easily select an upcoming and see how many taxis they needed to book. I also built a feature to allow private group bookings where the admin can create an event that won’t be listed on the website, and the admin can get a link for this event to send on to the group where they can book their tickets.

Stock Tracking System
I worked on upgrades and fixes to the stock tracking system. These included cleaning up files, upgrading previous functions and pages to allow the use of decimal places for the stock value and building new pages & new features.

One such new feature I added was the ability to track stock usage, this system allowed admins to select stock to be used in the distillation process and enter the output of the process back into the stock. With the new stock tracking I built, admins coils select any stock item and see that stock's history as a list showing details of how much stock was used or added and the date that happened. I also added the ability to archive previously completed batches to keep the system clean, if admins ever needed to check old batches they could then check the archived-batches page I had built. 

A feature that I upgraded was for adjusting the amount of stock. Whenever the company did a stock take they would need to adjust the stock numbers on the system, instead of making the admins the math on how much new stock to add, I built a new adjust stock button where they can simply enter what the stock should be and the system will work out how much stock needs to be added or taken away and this will be seen in the stock history.

On the website side, I implemented Stripe's payment system for ticket payments. I used google map to show a preview of their location, as well as creating their covid banner.

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