4 Years Industry Experience

2021 - present

I am currently working as Lead Backend Developer at Bynaric, where my core focus is working on our REST API built on PHP withLaravel. I create API requests and functionality for new features and improving our existing API requests, through bug fixes and updating queries to greatly improve the API response time.

I also work with project managers to plan Database changes using ERDs and implementing these updates by creating Laravel migrations.

2018 - 2020

I gained 2 years of experience as a main software engineer at Inkerman Technologies where I worked on over 15 different bespoke systems for clients in various industries, such as ticket booking systems, dance school systems and e-commerce systems, in a fast-paced development schedule using PHP with JS, Ajax, jQuery, MySQL and the Laravel framework. I deployed these systems to Linux cloud machines.

I worked on both the front and back-end of major projects with my team by following Scrum and Agile methodologies using Jira Kanban boards to deliver projects in a timely & efficient manner. In my 2 years of working at Inkerman Technologies, I grew more confident in my coding abilities and increased my skill set a great deal.

Websites & Systems I've Worked On:


2 Years Industry Experience

I have used ReactJS while working at Bynaric where I have built front-end components that would display data taken from REST API request responses. I built components such as searchable tables, forms for editing data & form builders.


Experience creating small web-scraper projects and bots

I have built webscrapers in python, including one for the open source project YokaiDex, which is a handy web app for guides and info on the Yokai Watch video games. For this webscraper, I used the beautifulSoup package to pull the websites code and search through it to grab the required data which I build an object for and then print into a json file to be used by the web app. You can see the webscraper code on the github repo.

Another Python project I have built is Rapuli-Bot, a Discord chat-Bot for tracking weekly turnip stock prices for the game Animal Crossing New Horizons on Nintendo Switch. This bot will take inputs from the user of their turnip prices and will then return a link to TurnipProphet with their price data already set. Everytime they set a price, the bot will update the link with their new pricing.

Image of Rapuli-Bot in action, returning custom links to two users


Used throughout my 4 years at college

Java was my main programming language throughout my 4 years in college at DKIT. One of the last Java projects I worked on was PokeTools-TCG PokeTools-TCG is a Android application that uses a Firebase database which is kept up to data via Python web-scraper located on a Linux Cloud server and is configured to run every 12 hours as a cron job. The app displays the latest cards in the Pokemon Trading Card Game and provides users with tools to help them play.

PokeTools-TCG Project Poster
Footage of PokeTools-TCG app functioning

Ren  Delaney

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