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Rapuli is a Discord bot for tracking weekly turnip stock prices for the game Animal Crossing New Horizons on Nintendo Switch. This bot is intended for small scale Discord servers for sharing prices between a friend group! It may not work as well on a larger server just because there would be a long list of turnip price links.

About My Work On Rapuli Bot

I created this Discord chat bot, named rapuli-bot, that can be used to track stock prices for the Animal Crossing New Horizons video game. The bot is built in Python and uses the package. User’s will message the bot with their current stock price and the bot will return them a link, with all of the user’s previous prices set, where they can see the pattern of their stock prices to help decide on when is the best time to sell their stock for maximum profits. I had the bot running on a Linux Cloud machine hosted on DigitalOcean.

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This bot will take inputs from the user of their turnip prices and will then return a link to TurnipProphet with your price data already set. Everytime you set your price, the bot will update the link with your new pricing. Image of Rapuli-Bot on Discord with generated links to turnip prophet


Run pip install -r requirements.txt to install required packages.
Duplicate .env.example to .env and replaces token-here with your Discord token.
Run python to start up the bot.

Using The Bot

Set your current turnip price
~turnip 210
*replace 210 with your price

Set your turnip price pattern
~pattern big-spike
*pattern-options: big-spike | small-spike | random | idk | decreasing


Make sure to make a seperate channel for using this bot as once it has been set to and is used, the bot will delete any messages and clears out functions after use as to keep the channel clean so you can easily see the list of turnip prices created.

Project Status

As of June 2020 this project is currently paused as I have taken a break from playing Animal Crossing New Horizons but I do hope to get back to it and get the last few bugs fixed up and implement some new features to make the bot even easier to use.

Ren  Delaney

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