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HSAI is the project name for my novel that I am working on. I will use this page to post updates on my writing progress.

I have decided to do NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) to finally sit down and start writing this novel!

Following the advice of a writer that I follow, I've written my elevator pitch for HSAI. I tried to keep it as short as possible but it's still a paragraph long. I think it's pretty good for now. The next step is to write the premise which is a few paragraphs explaining the main plot, brief description of characters and the part they'll play in the story.

That shouldn't be too hard though I have yet to flesh out my characters. I've written all the main plot points and side stories that will happen but I haven't even named my characters yet so I'll need to sit down and organize their names, descriptions, personalities and how they'll change throughout the story.

So the plan, for now, is to get the following done BEFORE I start NANOWRIMO in November

  • Descriptions of the main characters and side characters
  • Explanations of characters changes throughout the story
  • Write the story premise

[12:00PM] It is officially day 1 of #NaNoWriMo ! I sadly didn't get around the finishing those last bits of prep but I'm still ready to write! The goal for today is to get 1,700 - 2,000 words done. 
I have setup Project HSAI on

[03:40PM] I've done my 2,000 daily word goal and completed chapter 1 of HSAI!


[06:25PM] Day 2 of #nanowrimo. 2,038 word written and chapter 2 is complete!



I ended up not completing my first draft as I ran into quite a few issues I hadn't realized that I needed to sort out with the story. I am very happy with how much I had got written considering I had never really tried writing a story before and I enjoyed talking with friends to overcome issues in my narrative. I'm hoping to spend some time sorting out these story issues in the future and to then continue the first draft.

Ren  Delaney

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